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Clear Vision videos for the Urban Retreat

On Fri, 15 November, 2013 - 16:58
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The Clear Vision team was commissioned by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly to make a series of five short videos for the online Urban Retreat about Triratna people and projects expressing metta in daily life.

These five videos, released one a day this week, are now viewable as a 38-minute compilation.

Camerawork mainly by Upekshapriya and Graham Dellow; most of the editing by Graham. (Wobbly iPhone camerawork by Munisha and a kind Russian volunteer.)

Make tea, and sit back and be inspired!

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rodashruti's picture
This was great! I had to rely mostly on the audio but could occasionally bring the video to the foreground of my screen while some processes were running in the background at work. These are some things that stood out: “The practice is in the smallness of things” from the first segment; then I happened to be able to watch (as opposed to just listen) just as a white cat was walking down the stairs in the segment about Russia and also as the woman who’d asked for ordination was walking toward the camera; the last interview with the woman interested in helping women like her in India. Thanks for doing this.