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Vegan Day: Green Light for Action and Compassion

On Mon, 5 May, 2014 - 16:01
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A Bodhisattva helps suffering beings without hesitation because he has the clarity, the means and the open heart.
Explore the joy and challenges of becoming a vegan. There will be a talk and discussion to clarify our mind, a session of meditation to coax our heart, a poetry event to awaken our imagination and delicious vegan food, the means to alleviate the suffering of sentient beings.

10:30 Introduction to Loving Kindness meditation

11:15 Talk by Amalasiddhi

12:00 Tea break

12:15 Group discussions

13:15 Vegan Lunch will be provided

14:30 Green poetry reading and voting*

16:00 Tea break

16:30 Closing Ritual

Practical information and advice about vegan food are available. You are welcome to bring vegan cakes, biscuits or nibbles to share for the tea breaks.

*Green Poetry Temptation

Write a green poem to boost our imagination and our solidarity with everything that lives.

Send your short poem, no more than 108 words, for a friendly competition in the context of the Vegan Day at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. You don’t need to be a vegan or an accomplished poet. The jury members, poets/poetry lovers within Triratna Community, Abhaya, Ratnagarbha, Satyalila, Subhadramati and Vishvantara will make a shortlist and choose their favourites. The participants at the Vegan Day on June 29th, will vote for their favourites and prizes will be awarded. There’s no need for you to attend the event itself, but you’d be very welcome.

Please send your entry by e-mail to vimalabandhu [at] (subject: Green%20Poetry%20Temptation%20Competition)   by May 31st 2014

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