Padmasambhava arrives in Adelaide

On Sat, 9 June, 2018 - 01:06
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For this first week in June, Padmasambhava was introduced to our sangha here in Adelaide, through a talk given by Dharmamodini. Thinking about Padmasambhava’s extraordinary powers of transformation and how he transformed the energies of the Bonpos in Tibet, to become forces for good in the world, protecting the Dharma, is inspiring to say the least!

As we struggle with dark forces dominating our world, we need to be reminded of what else is going on around the planet. George Monbiot’s book Out of the Wreckage is such a fabulous testament to this, especially in Ch.5 Belonging, where he cites so many exciting examples of what humankind is capable of in terms of transfomation.

There are over seventy talks about Padmasambhava on freebuddhistaudio, including the latest one by Padmavajra on the precious guru, given at the Ireland/UK Order weekend just last month. Read George’s book, listen to the talks and let’s keep talking with one another about how we can, and are, transforming ourselves and the world. Great to read all the postings here about Triratna’s activities across the globe.

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Wonderful report Dharmamodini :) Thank you,

Kind wishes