Oxford Triratna ‘Buddhists about Town’

On Wed, 27 June, 2018 - 23:35
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Oxford Triratna Buddhists held a ‘Buddhists about Town’ meditation in Oxford city centre on Saturday 23rd June, attracting much interest and even two gatechrashings from people wishing to join in! Lesley, Michael, Mayumi, Ellie, Cey, Ben and Caroline sat for 2 30-minutes periods as the crowds passed by. I was on hand to speak with people and nearly all were positively taken by the spectacle, many taking photos and expressing appreciative words. It seems to have been a very positive thing to have done and for several people seeing such a stark contrast to the shopping, entertainment and food otherwise on offer was inspirational. Let’s see whether they make it along to Sangha Night!

Warm wishes


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Sadhus!!! What a wonderful expression for the world, and sounds like a great day out, to boot. Love the t-shirts!

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Sounds great fun! :)


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