Wellington Buddhist Centre - Owhiro Bay Beach Clean Up

On Tue, 13 June, 2017 - 02:35
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Do Your Bit for BAM - Owhiro Bay Beach Clean Up

Owhiro Bay is part of the South Coast Marine Reserve (Taputeranga) – but being a marine reserve seems to mean little to the pieces of plastic, old bottles, old cans and general flotsam that continue to wash up on the shore and tidal pools. Nature needs more from us than the benign but distant good will of labelling a piece of coast line as a marine reserve

We will assemble at 108 Owhiro Bay parade at 1:30 (pm) on Sunday the 18th of June

Plastic bags (I know, but sometimes you just need to ride with the devil) will be supplied to  hold the rubbish collected.

 The clean-up should not take more than an hour and green tea will be supplied at the conclusion using water boiled in a traditional thermette

See you there – David L 

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