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On Mon, 5 June, 2017 - 09:44
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My personal pledge for Buddhist Action Month this June is to take on the UK’s Maritime Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge: the plan is to give up single-use plastics as much as I possibly can for a month! As you will know, plastics are among the most persistent synthetic materials in existence persist in the environment for hundreds to thousands of years! And they are now a major marine pollutant…. 

The first few days of this challenge were easy because I was at the Area Order Weekend at Taraloka and didn’t have to do any shopping ….. at the end of the weekend I travelled to London, and at 6pm on a Sunday evening the simple wish to buy some vegetables for dinner proved to be an insurmountable challenge when we popped into the local Sainsbury’s in Stratford. Luckily Dhiraprabha, who I was staying with,  was the one buying the vegetables, so I was let off the hook and got my dinner anyway! 

So today is the first real day of noticing what there is to buy that doesn’t involve single use plastic. Quite often when I travel home on the train I get myself a nice take-away salad from Marks&Spencer or somewhere, but of course that nice salad sits in a pretty bowl of plastic which then ends up in the bin on the train … not today! 

Hope you are all doing well with whatever challenges and pledges you have choses to explore and take on this month! 

I have just learned the word ganbatte!* And it fits perfectly here - ganbatte to all of us! 

*Japanese word 頑張って (ganbatte)  -  ”ganbatte” literally means, “Do your best”; and is really an encouragement to stick with it or to try harder. 

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