Special Action for BAM 2017 - #2: Take part in Refugee Week (in UK)

On Wed, 15 March, 2017 - 17:26
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Im June in the UK this year is Refugee Week. This seems an opportunity to good to pass by, especially for those of us who live in the UK; but even if you don’t, the subject of refugees, and our relationship to them, is surely topical and all of us in Triratna may want to choose to do something in relation to this. 

The website includes helpful info like Advice and Ideas for Organising Events and there is a general info page, but what I particularly like is that there are events all round the UK, and there might well be some in your area which you could join in with! The theme of BAM this year is after all Connecting with Others, so perhaps a group of you want to join in with the women’s dance event learning dances from refugee women in Bristol, or a group of you visit a art exhibition which explores the complexity and human stories behind the current migration crisis, and then have a discussion about it; or visit the Manchester cultural refugee festival: Have a look and see if there is anything happening near you. 

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