On Tue, 13 June, 2017 - 12:53
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One of my pledges for BAM is to save water. We have 11 of us in the Taraloka community at the moment, and while not everyone showers or baths every day, we still use quite a large amount of water between us!

I decided to focus on the kitchen bathroom because it is a favourite bathroom for many: newly decorated last year; with the best shower pressure; and regularly used by six of us. It needed to be a simple idea so that we could all get behind it, so we’ve got a small (14litre) tub trug that sits in the bath with us and we hold the shower head over the tub to allow the cold water to be collected until it comes through to our preferred temperature. We then shower as usual. I’d estimate that we’re collecting between 14 and 20 litres water per day between us - just from the cold water coming through. That’s 14-20 litres of gorgeous, treated, clean water that would have been going down the drain!

Suchitta and Sarah set up a big water butt near the house (not connected to the drains) and we’re filling it up with the saved water to be used on the gardens and greenhouse. When that is full, we’ll use it for the toilet to flush. I’m hoping this pledge is simple enough that we will carry on with it well after BAM has finished.

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Very simple and effective idea Hridayagita :) It’ll be great if it continues post BAM.

Kind wishes