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On Thu, 18 January, 2018 - 09:52
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Dear friends, 
I’ve just signed a petition calling on UK supermarkets to go plastic-free, and it would mean a lot to me if you’d add your name too! 

From turtles entangled in six pack rings to whales with stomachs full of plastic bags, the effects of plastic pollution can be devastating. 

UK supermarket Iceland has announced its own-brand packaging is going plastic-free. 

By ditching plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced. 

Please join me in calling on UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging. 

Sign the petition >> and please forward to your friends.

Thank you! 

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Great step by Iceland…I’ve just signed it and put it on my FB page encouraging others to join us.

Thank you

Kind wishes


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There are many ways we can help reduce waste and in particular plastic in our environment. In about 1995 Friends of The Earth encouraged people to leave unnecessary packaging at the supermarket checkouts, the idea didn’t really take off but people were not as aware of the problem at that time. I encourage you to leave unnecessary packaging at the shop, the more waste they have to deal with the less they will be inclined to produce it.

In Orkney there has been a successful and simple campaign to reduce plastic litter, it simply asks anyone out walking to pick up 3 pieces of litter from the beach or clif top trails. This simple act can remove tonnes of waste from the countryside every year.

In Shetland we concentrate effort to clean up our environment by having an organised clean up every spring with around 2,500 people involved. 

Plastic litter is a serious problem so I too encourage everyone to sighn up to campaigns to reduce its production and use.

Love, Light and Peace.

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Thank you for your comments and suggestions, John. I’ve tried the first idea and know from experience I have to be in a particularly extrovert and friendly mood in order to do this well and not just feel I am causing a polarization! 

I also appreciate you other suggestions, and I know many Buddhist Centres already organise beach cleans and woodland litter picks, so perhaps we could make more of that?'s picture

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