moving into the last week of June: from the ethics of eating to climate change

On Thu, 22 June, 2017 - 06:13
dharmamodini's picture

As I read about what everyone is doing, I think may Buddhist Action Month simply become Buddhist Action! This coming week in Adelaide we are asking ourselves some of the tough questions about the ethics of eating. Many ordinary foods consumed by millions of people everyday are produced by causing harm, distress and even death to numerous species. In turn the earth is harmed through environmental devastation and climate change. With pratitya-samutpada in heart and mind, we are hearing from folk who have gone the way of cruelty-free eating and promoting compassionate consumption as a part of compassionate living. Google LessMeatLessHeat and WildAid Infographics and watch some fantastic clips on how we can make a difference in caring for the planet.

Sorry about the image (apart from jokes about being downunder), it insists on being upside down! The text reads: Less Meat Less Heat: could your diet save the planet from climate change?

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