Special actions for BAM 2017: #3 Love not Fear street meditations

On Wed, 15 March, 2017 - 17:24
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Maitrisiddhi from Taraloka was in touch saying:

“One thing we’ll do is for BAM this year is ‘Street meditation in Shrewsbury: ‘Love not Fear’ on 17th June 12-2 and possibly more later in the day - yet to unfold!

We’ll be meditating in public, making a visible statement about having a        different response to world events.  It’s on the day of the Shrewsbury Carnival - it’ll be a bit bonkers, but fun!  Come and be stared at!” 

It would be great to have several centres doing a ‘Love not Fear’ street meditation - metta bhavana against polarisation; love-bombing Donald Trump supporters etc!

Or join The Big Lunch and organize a street party/shared lunch with your neighbours over the weekend of 17-18 JUNE 2017; in the UK, it’s a weekend for getting together with your neighbours for a weekend celebrating community, commonality and connections. 


lots of love


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