Invitation to online reflection group, 4 Noble Truths.

On Fri, 16 June, 2017 - 22:10
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Hello dear ones,

In honour of the month of Buddhist action we invite all of you to realize a weekly reflection about the Four Noble Truths.

Each week we will upload our reflection to a shared folder on Internet, where we can also see what our companions have thought. The idea is to deepen in the Dharma and later learn from other points of view on the same subject.

There is no experience needed to participate, and each week goes together with extracts of the Noble truth in question to guide the meditation. The activity is open for everyone, feel free to share it.

The dates for each week are as follows:

6 a 12 de June -> First Noble Truth
13 a 19 de June -> Second Noble Truth
20 a 26 de June -> Third Noble Truth
27 a 3 de July -> Fourth Noble Truth

Don´t worry if you join us later, it will be a pleasure to have you with us and all folders stay open for modifications.

Interested? Send us your email and we invite you to the shared folder

patrickatsma [at]

Patrick +34 679 326 213

Néstor +34 626 771 814

With metta,

Los jóvenes budistas de Triratna, Valencia.

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