Does your Centre or Group need meditation cushions or mats?

On Mon, 16 October, 2017 - 08:27
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Here is an update from Vajranatha from Merida in Venzuela, where he and the Sangha there, as well as the rest of the country, faces a very difficult situation. 

Do watch the 6 minute video and share it with the people in your sangha especially as an update to the first Metta for Merida video that was posted in August.

But importantly there is an immediate way your Buddhist Centre or Group may be able to help, especially if you are thinking of buying more cushions and mats in the near future! 

Here is some further information about Kusha Cushions from Vajranatha if you wish to know more: and please fill in the questionnaire below too

Rosario, the mother of a mitra, has a small workshop with two industrial sewing machines & makes sheets & bed covers for local hotels. She also made a batch of cushions for the Buddhist centre in the past. We are going to employ Rosario to run a workshop for 5 mitras to learn how to make meditation cushions properly. We will make the first batch of 50 cushions together with her. Our first order is from Sao Paulo in Brazil (thank you Manjupriya!!) Could your centre or Group be next?

Until we have a local representative in the UK or Europe we will be supplying the cushions unstuffed, so you have to source your own filling.

We urgently need logistical support from the Uk. Would it be possible for someone to receive the cushions & distribute them to centres? Could there be a team to stuff the cushions if that is necessary? Could they charge the centres & hold funds to send back to Venezuela? Would there be difficulties in importing the cushions from the UK customs point of view?

Please answer the questionnaire about your possible involvement with Kusha Cushions - this would be a real help, thank you! 

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Dear Vajranatha and the Venezuelan sangha,

i just wanted to let you know that that some members of the Bury St Edmunds group met tonight ( the last Wednesday in October)  to send Metta to all of you there in Merida. For myself it takes a great stretch of my imagination to feel my way into your situation, the difficulties you face are huge and there is nothing like it happening here. We talked briefly about how one might be angry or upset about some small thing like someone not clearing up the kitchen. How would we react to a dangerous , unstable situation where peoples lives are at stake. We send you much Metta in your quest to live a Buddhist life in adverse conditions.

We also discussed your idea re cushion cover distribution. There is some interest here. So I will fill in your survey and send it back to you. We wondered if you could send us the names of the Mitras who will be making the cushions.

 We hope you feel less alone reading this.

love, Sanghajata

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Dear Vajranatha and friends

On Sangha Day in Sheffield our Sangha will be voting to decide how to distribute money we have raised during the year. Merida Buddhist Centre will be one of our nominated projects this year. I hope that we can send about £1000 to you before the end of the year.

I have uploaded the poster that we have prepared for Sangha Day. I will be talking for a few minutes to the Sangha about your situation there. So Merida will very much be present in Sheffield on 12th November

Lots of metta from the Sheffield Sangha

Love Maitridasa

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Thank you for the work you are doing, Vajranatha. Last week, at the Sangha Day festival, Sheffield Buddhist Centre voted to send lots of the money raised at our  Summer Fair (in June) to you and the Merida project. Sadhu!!