On Thu, 15 June, 2017 - 12:13
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Its a common misconception that eggs are central when baking cakes, and that vegan cakes are dry and tasteless. But this isn’t true! You can make delicious cakes that are totally vegan without compromising on taste and texture. For the recent Taraloka open afternoon Momtaz and I spent the day baking vegan cakes, to show visitors how wonderful vegan cakes can be.

Momtaz baked a ‘Luscious Lemon and Poppy Seed’ cake; ingredients were vegan margarine, brown sugar, lemons, soya milk, flour, baking powder and poppy seeds. I made a chocolate tiffin fridge cake, with ingredients of vegan Margarine, sugar, golden syrup, cocoa powder, walnuts, dates, digestive biscuits (which I substituted with ginger nut biscuits) and dark chocolate.

The lemon cake has a wonderful light, moist sponge with the refreshing taste of lemon, and the chocolate tiffin has a dense, rich texture with a deep chocolate sensation that is complimented by the zing of the ginger nuts. Visitors were intrigued and delighted to find they were vegan and to hear how easy vegan baking can be.

We have included the recipes if you would like to try them at home, and there is a fantastic article on the one green planet website that introduces you to vegan cooking at home, and how to substitute ingredients to make them vegan.

Written by Catherine Ward

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