Breaking the silence, changing the story: Buddhism versus neoliberalism

On Fri, 11 May, 2018 - 06:47
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I’ve written a very brief introduction to neoliberal ideas and some of the ways they affect the current global political and ecological situation.  It explores many ways Buddhism and Buddhists are already presenting profound challenges to the neoliberal story - and celebrates this range of responses.  There’s a great deal of excellent work already going on - and a better world is certainly possible.  From meditating in the natural world to rewilding to non-violent direct action for older people (to name just a few) - there are very many ways we can build transforming the world into our collective and personal spiritual practice.

I’m hoping this text might help to spark some discussion on the neoliberal story and Buddhist responses to it during BAM (maybe check out Mokshini’s excellent post on the BAM 2018 page for 26 February).  

And I’d certainly be interested in anyone’s reflections or responses to the text itself.  Only 79 pages including the pictures!

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Thanks for this Yogaratna. This is my reading for BAM 2018 :-)

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Thanks Christine!  Any thoughts, feelings, feedbacks very welcome!