BAM is well underway, one week on ....

On Thu, 8 June, 2017 - 06:40
dharmamodini's picture

Greetings to all taking part in BAM and how wonderful it has been to read about what everyone is doing in support of Connecting With Others - Connecting For Change, Sadhu! Great too to learn about the action coming out of events that have been held so far. Here in Adelaide, inspired by our Sea Level Rise Coastal Walk, we have written a letter to local Council asking how they are responding to this issue, and how they are taking this and other effects of climate change into their long-term planning.

This second week of BAM we are focusing on the power of art to enliven our senses and wake us up to the beauty and preciousness of ourselves, the environment and all that lives. We will also be hearing from a local Adelaide woman who is sharing her skills in art psychotherapy with women in Mongolia, helping communities deal with the ravaging effects of dramatic socio-economic and political changes in that country over the past 25 years..

Enjoy the summer-outdoor events in the northern hemisphere, as we keep warm in our winter Downunder

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