BAM starts here!

On Thu, 1 June, 2017 - 08:48
mokshini's picture

It is the first of June and the beginning of Buddhist Action Month 2017!

For many of us BAM will have started weeks or even months ago, when we first began to plan and prepare for our actions. It is really heartening to know that all over the world, from Aryaloka in the United States to Melbourne, from Mexico to Istanbul, Dublin and mainland European Centres, and in many towns in the UK actions and events are taking place to transform the world around us, and in the process to transform our minds. 

Knowing these events are taking place, and the conversations that will arise from that, is like imagining a metta wave circling the planet - a flow of good will and a commitment to benefitting the world and all beings on it. Metta that is cultivated on the cushion, but also put into practice in word and deed. 

Have a great month! And please do remember to post your actions on this site - it is inspiring to read and supportive for others to know its taking place. Thank you!  

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