BAM Launch @ the West London Buddh

On Thu, 8 June, 2017 - 20:48
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At the WLBC we have dedicated the weekly Sangha nights this month to BAM, with material inspired by Vajracaksu’s course based on Akuppa’s book ‘Saving the Earth’. On this first in a series of four Tuesday evenings, we pondered the following three questions, to help us articulate our specific intentions for the month:

1. Have you had any experiences in your life of a strong sense of community and collaboration?

2. Is there a particular social or ecological issue you feel passionate about?

3. How could you connect with others locally this month to raise awareness of this issue, and / or do something about it?

I found this decades-old quote which seemed very apt this week:

“We should act not so much as kings of the jungle as indefatigable earthworms. If enough earthworms burrow away under the foundations of even the most substantial building, the soil begins to loosen, it starts to crumble away, the foundations subside, and the whole building is liable to crack and collapse. Likewise, however powerful the existing order may seem, it is not invulnerable to the undermining influence of enough individuals working - directly or indirectly - in cooperation. … A silent, unseen influence is exerted in this way, which we must hope will be able, at some point, to shift the centre of gravity in world affairs from the conflict of groups to the cooperation of communities.” (Sangharakshita)


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