BAM in Deal, Kent

On Mon, 5 June, 2017 - 10:40
Prajnasisya's picture

Hello to you all, it’s so inspiring to read what others are doing. We had a sangha evening a few weeks back to decide on some action and came up with three areas, collective action, individual action and information action.

So in the collective action area we decided 1) To have a beach clean on Walmer beach on Monday 19. 2) To Meditate for peace in Deal HIgh St on Wednesday 21. 3) To host a tea party for local residents to raise awareness in our women’s community at Hawkshill.

Then our individual pledges are to not buy single use plastic; to regularly buy something extra and put it in the food bank and finally to have an electronic or energy saving evening.

And our information actions were to let people know about green energy providers and to encourage people to sign a local petition about saving the Goodwin Sands.

People were really inspired by the BAM planning evening and subsequent actions and it helped strengthen our sense of sangha where most of us know each other.

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