Are you ready for BAM?! YES!

On Thu, 8 June, 2017 - 10:17
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Thanks to Arthasiddhi and his choir at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre we now have our own Buddhist Action Month song! How excellent, and fun too, perhaps we can get friends in our situations to learn this song too :) 

Thank you to Arthasiddhi, choir members, Dayasara who had the idea, and Yashodaka!

Here are the words - written by Yashodaka, so you can sing a long:  

Help the world, forget yourself,

be a Bodhisattva,

this month of June, the month of June.

Generous hearts around the world,

we can make a difference, if we just try,

don’t just stand by.

Take up the Bodhi-heart with a love that’s divine.  

Let’s work in harmony, with actions so fine.

Are you ready!

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Yaaaaaaay!! It’s great! Xxx