BAM 2017

Are you ready for BAM?

Posted by dayasara on Wed, 19 April, 2017 - 21:09
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  In the middle of BAM Elton John is playing a concert at Portman Road, which is 300 metres from the Ipswich Buddhist Centre. I hope his business people will be OK that I’ve put new words to one of his songs, usually rendered as “Are You Ready for Love?”. The chorus works well, but I’ve only managed one verse and even that is work in progress, so all suggestions for further development are welcome.


(VERSE) Help the world, and be more green

Be a Bodhisattva

The month of June, we can re-tune 

Generous hearts around the world

We can make a difference

If we just try, aim for the sky

I think of Tara’s love giving warmth that’s divine

All beings cherished close in right actions so fine, actions so fine

(CHORUS) Are you ready, are you ready for BAM

Yes I am, oh yes I am

Are you ready, are you ready for BAM

Yes I am, oh yes I am   (and so on)

Much love-Dayasara

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