2 hours remaining on the 1st of June in Adelaide, South Australia!

On Thu, 1 June, 2017 - 13:51
dharmamodini's picture

Warm greetings to all involved in BAM. We ‘kicked off’ here in the southern hemisphere with a six week course Going Deeper in the Dharma, given the Dharma could be considered the biggest change agent in our lives. We gather together on Saturday with a number of Buddhist sanghas across town and the Multi-Faith Association of SA to Share Our Passion for the Earth. A particular feature of the gathering will be highlighting the Buddhist Climate Change Action Kit, created by ARRCC, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Gillian from our Sydney sangha, who helped launch the kit in Sydney, is flying into Adelaide to join us for this. At our regular Sangha Night on Tuesday, Gillian will inspire us all about fossil fuel divestment. Meantime, one of our sangha has created a Sea-Level Rise Coastal Walk for us to get a ‘feet-on’ experience of the projected effects of climate change on our foreshore in Adelaide. More to come later, but as we go to sleep, wishing everyone a happy, inspiring month full of connections and wonderment at how much is going on ‘out there’ through individual effort to care for our planet, one another and all that lives.

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