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Successful Birmingham BAM Litter Picking on 9th June Image Post Lucinda 11 June, 2015
Sustainability - Awakening Money - Caring for Others: Your World Needs You! Text Post mokshini 06 April, 2015
Sustainable Buddhist Centre Scheme Guide Resource Amalaketu 14 May, 2015
Tara And The Tears of Avalokitesvara Talk Vidyadasa 05 June, 2015
Tara and the Tears Of Avalokitesvara June 12 til 19 Taraloka Text Post sahajatara 07 May, 2015
Taraloka environmental retreat for women, 12th-19th June Text Post Munisha 26 April, 2015
Taraloka: Our process of trying to move towards Sustainable Energy Text Post Momtaz 29 June, 2015
Ten tips to reduce your carbon footprint - part 1 Text Post mokshini 08 June, 2015
The Buddha on Wall Street - Book Launch Video Embed Singhamanas 08 June, 2015
The Man Who Stopped France’s Food Waste Seeks To Globalize The Law! Text Post vidyakaya 16 June, 2015
The Nucleus of a New Society: 1978 talk by Sangharakshita Talk Munisha 30 June, 2015
The truth about copper, bronze and brass Resource TommyC 20 June, 2015
The World on Fire: Buddhism in the modern world Text Post Nandavajra 27 May, 2015
TRANSFORMING WORLD AND SELF - Tara and the Tears of Avalokitesvara Text Post Momtaz 29 May, 2015
Vaddhaka launches new book at Dublin Buddhist Centre Text Post Sadayasihi 17 June, 2015
Vegan Cookery Demonstration in Dublin Text Post Sadayasihi 26 June, 2015
Vegan Recipes Resource Sadayasihi 26 June, 2015
Walking in Beauty Text Post mokshini 07 June, 2015
What is DANCE? Text Post Munisha 15 May, 2015
What makes Buddhist Action Month Buddhist? Text Post Munisha 06 May, 2015
Wheels of Life Bicycle Repair Workshop in Dublin Text Post Sadayasihi 16 June, 2015
Who runs BAM? Text Post Munisha 20 April, 2015
with stillness, simplicity, and contentment - ? Text Post mokshini 29 June, 2015