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See what Bristol Buddhist Centre has in store for BAM Text Post Munisha 14 May, 2015
Eco-Sattva training rescheduled for September-November 2015 Text Post Munisha 14 May, 2015
Sustainable Buddhist Centre Scheme Guide Resource Amalaketu 14 May, 2015
Creating a Sustainable Buddhist Centre for BAM! Discussion Amalaketu 14 May, 2015
Manchester Buddhist Centre: Events planned for BAM 2015 Text Post 13 May, 2015
Matthieu Ricard on vegetarianism and veganism Video Embed Munisha 13 May, 2015
BAM: Suggested actions guide Resource Munisha 09 May, 2015
Dharmic reasons to take part in BAM: No. 1 Text Post Munisha 08 May, 2015
Tara and the Tears Of Avalokitesvara June 12 til 19 Taraloka Text Post sahajatara 07 May, 2015
Buddhists gather at White House to discuss climate change Text Post Munisha 07 May, 2015
What makes Buddhist Action Month Buddhist? Text Post Munisha 06 May, 2015
Eco-Sattva training: an online course for aspiring "EcoSattvas" Text Post Munisha 28 April, 2015
Stillness, Simplicity and Contentment: BAM launch @ Sheffield Buddhist Centre Text Post Christine 26 April, 2015
Taraloka environmental retreat for women, 12th-19th June Text Post Munisha 26 April, 2015
Bristol gears up for BAM with Sustainable Sangha Day tomorrow Text Post Munisha 25 April, 2015
Street Meditation in Dublin Text Post Sadayasihi 20 April, 2015
Who runs BAM? Text Post Munisha 20 April, 2015
Be a Shambhala warrior Resource Munisha 20 April, 2015
Buddhist Action Month: a very short history Text Post Munisha 18 April, 2015
Sustainability - Awakening Money - Caring for Others: Your World Needs You! Text Post mokshini 06 April, 2015
A Guide To Sustainable Buddhist Centres Resource Amalaketu 06 April, 2015
BAM 2015 Event planning guide Resource Centre Team 06 April, 2015
Buddhist Action Month 2015: Your world needs you! Text Post mokshini 06 April, 2015