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Total Immersion Retreat 2014

On Fri, 28 February, 2014 - 10:55
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Immerse yourself in a month-long, silent camping retreat in the tranquil Devon countryside. Experienced practitioners can further explore the core meditations of the Triratna Buddhist community, supported by yoga, Chi Kung and ritual, living close to nature in a way similar to the Buddha’s historical followers. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness will be the general framework, led by Kamalashila and an Order team.

Our relationship with the modern world is highly complex but, at heart, our feeling of ease in the world is dependent on being present, open and fully ourselves, with simplicity and love.

Living in community, amidst the beauty of the nature, offers a tremendous support to re-learning the fundamental sense of intimacy and care we have toward the world. Being in silence, and cultivating awareness and love through a simple programme of meditation, gives us a door to being in the world and feeling beloved.

The daily programme will include group sitting and walking meditation sessions, discussion, body work, ritual, mindful work and practice reviews. There will also be free time each day to enjoy the buttercup meadows, woods and surrounding countryside, and to relax in the wood-fired hot tub and showers. Most of the retreat will be conducted in silence to aid depth, clarity and receptivity.

The retreat will be supported by an experienced Buddhafield team who will provide delicious vegan, organic food, whilst we also explore working collectively towards living more sustainably on the land. This is unique retreat, a rare opportunity to deepen one’s practice in conducive, natural conditions - living, sleeping and meditating outdoors amidst the magic of the living elements. There will be the usual range of Buddhafield camp facilities: hot water, showers, compost toilets, hot tubs, camp fires, tea tent, meditation structures … supplied with lashings of all-round kindness and care!

We highly recommend taking advantage of the full four-week retreat, but if that’s not possible there’s a two-week option to leave at the half-way point. More information and booking on the Buddhafield website.
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