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The story of the Buddhafield Festival

On Mon, 22 April, 2013 - 14:22
lokabandhu's picture
Great video by Daniel Dobbie of angelfishfilms telling the story of what it takes to put on the Buddhafield Festival . He says - “Dancing Buddhas is a 30 minute film about the team of people who help to build one of the UK’s most eco friendly and inspiring Buddhist led festivals. We go behind the scenes of this drink and drug-free festival, see the wide variety of music, dance, yoga and creative workshops on offer and we try to understand why Buddhism is becoming so popular in Britain. We learn about meditation and see how it can positively influence peoples lives. If you want to learn to meditate or just find out more about the alternative festival scene then have a watch!” Highly recommended. For information about the 2013 Festival check the Buddhafield website. Dates are July 17-21st.

And NEW THIS YEAR is the Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening Camp. Not a festival, not a retreat, it’s subtitled ‘Tools for your Mind, Skills for our Future’- Buddhism meets low-impact living! Dates are 24—27 May 2013.
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