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Songs from Silence Retreat - 24th-28th Aug

On Fri, 19 May, 2023 - 19:03
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Songs from Silence Retreat 

24th-28th August

Frogmill, Nr Throwleigh, Devon

“We must bear silence before we can feel in our bodies the deep joy of what the world is always already singing to us”

Led by: Mokshayogin, Sraddhadipa, Jo Spence, Joe Hill and yoga/movement with Ruth Coutinho.

Starting with the premise that vibration is the beginning of all things, this retreat will explore how we might work and play with sound, resonance, vibration and the voice as Dharma practice.

Together, we will explore how harmony singing and vocal play can support us to come into deeper relationship with ourselves, each other and the land.

How, when we sing, are we responding to the particular place in which we find ourselves? And how does it respond to us? How might singing with a sense of ourselves as vibrating bodies within a landscape support us to feel at home here? And how might singing together help open us to an experience of enchantment, a receptivity to the vibrant aliveness of all things?

As well as voice work, there will be meditation, ritual and periods of silence. We’ll learn beautiful songs in harmony, and we’ll work and play with the voice and sound as explorative practices.

All welcome – no singing or meditation experience necessary. All songs will be taught by ear so you don’t need to be able to read music.

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