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Interviews with Buddhafield Team

On Tue, 6 May, 2014 - 12:40
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Here are the first two in a set of interviews I’m conducting with the Buddhafield Team this summer. In both cases I’ve tried to draw out the inspirations for the events that they support.

Ratnadeva is manager of Buddhafield Retreats and was ordained at Guhyaloka last summer. In my interview with him, we talked about how the planning for the 2014 season was coming along, in the midst of considerable personnel changes in Buddhafield. I asked him, what is it that we need to do to keep people involved and motivated? Finally, we touched on the inspiration he continues to take from druid culture.

Rosie Lancaster got involved with Buddhafield through the Buddhafield Café. She now lives at Tinker’s Bubble in Somerset, a small woodland community that uses environmentally sound methods of working the land without fossil fuels. She is currently Workshops Co-ordinator for the Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening Camp (16-20 July 2014) and I talked to her about her inspirations for this year’s programme.
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