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Fire in the Heart: the 2013 Buddhafield Festival

On Thu, 14 November, 2013 - 11:45
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Fire in the Heart is the third in a series of five films, created by Clear Vision especially for Triratna’s 2013 International Urban Retreat, all with the theme of metta (loving-kindness). This 9.5-minute video celebrates the 2013 Buddhafield Festival as a wonderful feast of metta and general positivity. The video also features both Satyajit and Mumukshu - two of Buddhafield’s elders - exploring how it is, at the same time, a serious working ground for spiritual practice.

Amazingly not one but three videos celebrating the Buddhafield Festival have just appeared: No.2 is a five-minute ‘festival trailer’ by Theo Sparks which gives a wonderful sense of the ‘vibe’ of the Festival; plus he’s also produced an in-depth documentary exploring behind the scenes.

To watch some of the dharma content from the 2013 Festival , check out the Dharma Parlour group elsewhere on this site.
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