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Buddhafield Village (family-friendly) Retreats

On Fri, 9 May, 2014 - 14:20
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This year our experiment in Buddhist community living is expanding! We’ll be creating a family-friendly community of practice on our land at Frog Mill on Dartmoor for most of August 2014.

How do we make life a meditation?! Find space and beauty in the midst of it all? As householders, parents, busy people - how do we practise the Buddha’s teachings in all parts of our everyday lives?

There are two new events on this gorgeous Buddhafield land, which will be smaller, quieter and more spacious than the main retreat. These will have will have a simpler programme, allowing time to connect, time to enjoy the land, children and community. We’ll focus on mindfulness amidst activity, as we together set up or take down the camp. Come and join us. Phase 1 is particularly suitable for those with experience of the Village Retreat, or other retreats. Phase 3 is for those who are also doing the main Phase 2 retreat. Been on the Buddhafield Village Retreat before, but would like something more intimate and spacious? Come on Phase 1!

Phase 1: 2-7 August; main retreat, Phase 2: 9-16 August; Phase 3: 17-22 August.

More information and booking on the Buddhafield Village Retreat webpage.

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