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The Buddhafield season is upon us!

On Wed, 22 March, 2017 - 15:42
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The Buddhafield season begins in April, and the spring weather is drawing us closer to nature and to the land, calling us to a deeper experience of ourselves and others, supported by the earth. 

Highlights of the season include our Total Immersion Retreat - a silent meditation retreat led by experienced meditators Kamalashila and Vajradevi, on our beautiful Broadhembury land in Devon. Beginning on 6th May, the retreat runs for a month (with a two week option available), allowing a strong connection with ourselves, community and nature to develop. Previous retreatants describe the delights of Total Immersion in a recent Buddhafield blog post. This year’s retreat is entitled ‘Mindfulness: A bridge to the beyond’.

Pleasure and enjoyment in practice is the focus of our popular Women’s Retreat, led by Ambaravajri and Dayajoti. Through meditation, singing, simple contact with nature, yoga and some days of silence, we’ll explore contentment on the Buddhist path. The women’s retreat runs from 9th to 16th June, at Easterbrook in Devon.

By attending to our experience with awareness and kindness we can free ourselves from reactivity and open our heart and mind to the true nature of things. This is the focus of our Satipatthana Retreat, which looks at the Buddha’s primary teachings on mindfulness, and is led by Manjuvajra, Amaragita and Jayaraja, from 17th to 24th June. 

And of course, our annual Buddhafield Festival from 12th to 16th July - with Dharma talks, workshops, meditation, music, yoga, kids activities, vegan and veggie food and tons more, engage your inner playfulness and meet with us in the field! Tickets are selling fast!

For more information, check our website, like our Facebook page or catch-up on our Buddhafield Blog.

To book on any of retreats - which are offered on a dana basis (by donation) - go to our Retreats Programme on our website


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