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On Thu, 13 June, 2013 - 22:33
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I’ve recently uploaded a backlog of photos to the Buddhafield Flickr account.

I’ve been a consistent Buddhafield photographer since about 2010, when I bought a new Canon SX210 compact. I started because I was aware of a very serious lack of photos about the Buddhafield Café, with which I’ve volunteered and worked for about 14 years. I’d then recently taken on development of the Buddhafield website,, which had been stuck in the doldrums for a few years, but was struggling to find decent photos to illustrate the Café section. Thus I figured I would have to do it myslef! I’m not a technical photographer, so basically I just began snapping anything even vaguely representative of the Café, then moved on to snapping away at any event I was on. This has led to me sometimes exasperating the Café team (the clicks and whirrs of the camera alerting people to my predatory watchfulness), who’ve kind of grudgingly accepted it given that they’ll eventually find 150+ aides-mémoire adorning our Flickr account.

I’ve often focused on the documentary angle, recording what it’s like to work in the Café, be on a team retreat or event like the Festival, but I also have an eye open to the purely aesthetic. This can be quirky: I might find the canvas walls of a compost loo interesting, for example! I might be messing about with composition, taking detail shots of interesting conjunctions of objects. But I think it’s people that I find most interesting and challenging. I wouldn’t glorify what I do as ‘portraiture’, but I do like to capture personality and intimacy. This set of the Café team was taken at Glastonbury 2011. Here I was on the Big Fat Buddha Retreat 2012 Big and here’s our most recent event The Green Earth Awakening Camp 2013.

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