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Buddhafield Festival 2013: Sound+Vision

On Fri, 27 September, 2013 - 16:13
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The theme for the 2013 Buddhafield Festival, Fire in the Heart, focused on the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness. This can help us discover the radiant, joyful heart within each of us. Loving kindness is revolutionary because it has the power to radically change the way we experience ourselves and the world, helping us cultivate true happiness and genuine compassion for others. Loving-kindness is not weak or passive, but is the strength that comes from seeing the true nature of suffering in the world, enabling us to bear witness to that suffering without fear. It also makes joy flourish in response to other’s happiness. The Festival presents us with the opportunity to practice loving kindness for 5 whole days, with three thousand like-minded people, and experience its powerfully transformative effects.

We were blessed by absolutely glorious weather and our Sound+Vision team did an excellent job of capturing the mood. The photo set from Radka Bailey features a huge number of shots she took with her trusty iPhone. She’s captured a certain level of the zeitgeist: so many of us now routinely turn to the smartphone in our pocket when a day-to-day photo opportuinty presents itself. By contrast Rod Harbinson carried his professional level SLR with him and we get the depth of colour and tone we expect from the high-end equipment. Both Photographers have equally caught the delight and ease we all felt on site.

Alice Armstrong is a freelance radio producer involved with Soundart Radio, a licensed community radio station for the Totnes area, based at the Dartington estate. She volunteered her skills for this year’s Buddhafield Festival to produce this podcast based around her time on site.
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