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Buddhafield Festival 2013: Setup Report 1

On Sun, 7 July, 2013 - 20:43
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I’ll be saying a bit more in a day or so about my experience of working at Glastonbury Festival with the Buddhafield Cafe, but I’m going to start this week with a few words about the early setup of the Buddhafield Festival.

Those of us that arrived directlly from Pilton - home of the Glastonbury Festival - were somewhat worn out, but we were all positive mental states and happy to arrive at Culmhead in what has been absolutely gorgeous weather. I’ve chosen to pitch my tent away from the arena fields in an area of the woods I’ve dubbed “The Squirrels”, carpeted by dead leaves that crunch underfoot and where one can rest to the tune of a bubbling brook, accompanied by birdsong. Late evening will bring out the rather insistent midges, but no-one ever said it would be perfect!

In the photos you can catch a glimpse of the work in progress. We have short meditations before lunch and dinner, but late evenings offer a sauna for the weary.
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