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Buddhafield Base Community Share Offer

On Tue, 21 March, 2023 - 11:59
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The next stage in Buddhafield’s evolution

Have you heard about Buddhafield’s latest project? 

After more than 25-years of running a geographically scattered operation, it’s time to consolidate our resources and put down some roots so that we can continue our offerings as well as provide even more opportunities for authentic community, meaningful work, care for land and ecology and celebration of the potential of imagination. 

The Buddhafield Base Project is about creating a home for Buddhafield – expanding our events, educational offerings, enterprises and land care projects. We hope to buy between 60 and 80 acres of land upon which to plant our collective vision.

Want to help make this happen?…

There are a few different ways you can contribute to this amazing project….

Donate - Any amount is gratefully received
Buy Community Shares 
Volunteer with us

Read our latest newsletter for more information or jump straight to our website

“It’s about land management, land care, having our own land and not renting. Somewhere to look after our stuff. Somewhere to live, and work together - somewhere to offer things out to the world, a real hub.” Kamalanandi 

“Imagine a new home for Buddhafield, a place with a unique feel and taste, a significant new development for Triratna. For 25 years people have gained a sense of place, purpose and belonging from Buddhafield events. We want to take this further and deeper, to resource more people to live the Dharma life authentically and imaginatively. We have ethics and a way of being in community that has a lot to offer the world. At the moment, our offering is limited by being geographically scattered and practically seasonal. More people could connect with this year round at Buddhafield Base. We will offer a place for apprenticeships, training and courses. Holding land in common for personal, spiritual and community development. We are holding the vision for the next 25 years and beyond, a home for the Eco-Sattva Spirit. You can be a part of it right now - we’re raising £1.7 million through grants, loans and the generosity of the people who love what we do. We already have nearly a third of that amount and we need your help to get the rest.” Sangharuchi

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