The Buddha Festival, Nagpur

Dhammamitra ceremony conducted by Ven Subhuti at the Dikshabhumi.

On Sat, 17 January, 2015 - 16:23
aryaketu's picture
Today 25 men and women became a Dhammamitra at Dikshabhumi, Nagpur. The ceremony was conducted by Ven Subhuti during International Mitra Convention where approximately 400 Dhammamitras from all over India came together. Today Subhuti delivered a lecture on sub- Buddhism and Art. He also mentioned the 6 features of a Triratna Buddhist Order i.e. 1) Unity 2) Respect other traditions 3) Going for Refuge to Triratna is primary 4) Friendship/Kalyanmitrata 5) Team work and 6) Art .
Tomorrow he will speak more on how Art is affect our mind?
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