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On Mon, 30 November, 2015 - 13:21
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Would you give £50 a month?

Bristol Buddhist Centre runs on generosity.

In 2015 we stopped making charges for classes, courses, and Sangha activities, and invited all of us to keep them happening by giving money and energy.

We responded generously – our regular monthly donations have almost doubled.  Thank you to everyone who has given, on behalf of everyone who has been through our doors this year to contact the Buddha-Dharma as expressed in our Sangha!

And there’s further to go. Our overall income has dropped by £20,000 (Jan-Oct 2015 compared to same period in 2014).* 

To make our budget balance for 2016 will take an extra £1000 a month in regular donations. That’s 25 new donors, plus an extra £10 a month from every existing donor

Please help!

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To increase an existing direct debit email finance [at]

We’ve done so much together this year. What we’re doing matters; Bristol Buddhist Centre matters.  I could write all about what we’ve done and why it matters but I want to keep this short – and if you’re reading this you know about all that. 

You could let us all know!  Complete the sentence “Bristol Buddhist Centre Matters because…. ” and email it to us!

Could you give £50 a month - £10 a week – to keep energy flowing through the Sangha?  
If not, what can you give to be part of creating the Sangha together? 
If everyone who opens this mailing gave an extra £3.50 a month we’d meet our target.

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Please respond now so we can start 2016 with confidence.
Many thanks, 

on behalf of all beings!


*this isn’t an immediate disaster – we have reserves to cover it, due to a past legacy, and our costs are down because our team has shrunk and is at least one person short of what’s needed.

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