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Imagination, the Vajrayana and Us

On Sun, 19 February, 2017 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
The 'Vajrayana' means 'the way of the vajra'. Satyalila explores and explains how the vajra symbolizes the capacity to transform our darkest and most difficult experience into the liberated energy of awakening. She describes her personal experience of this and concludes with an exploration of the five Buddha mandala as a way of bringing powerful diverse energies into creative, harmonious relationship. NB This is the third recording in a series of four talks. The recording of the first talk in this series ('Imagination, the Buddha & Us') failed, but it's summarised at the start of each of the 3 subsequent talks and a full set of notes (with illustrations) of all the talks is available from .
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Satyalila’s notes for talks 1 & 2 and this talk 3 - Tantric Buddhism & the Mandala: Transforming Energy