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Great Faith, Great Wisdom, Day 6 - Rainy Season Retreat 2017 by Ratnaguna

On Sat, 16 September, 2017 - 15:23
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All this week, Ratnaguna and the Bristol Triratna sangha have turned their urban Centre into a realm for exploration of Sukhavati, the Pure Land of Amitabha. Now on the last day of our retreat, we meet the Buddha. This is what the retreat has been building up to…

With readings from the Guan Jing and from the Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava.

Recorded as part of Ratnaguna’s retreat on Great Faith, Great Wisdom at Bristol Buddhist Centre, Sept 2017.

Talk 9: The Buddha Beyond the Buddha
Ratnaguna Introduces the Buddha Amitabha/Amitayus in the Guan Jing, the eternal Buddha principle.

Guided Meditation: Visualisation of Amitayus from the Guan Jing
Ratnaguna leads us on another guided meditation, visualisaing Amitayus from the Guan Jing and evoking the inconceivable Buddha principle…

Talk 10: Parallels with Sangharakshita’s Presentation of the Dharma and the Pure Land Sutras
As a Triratna Buddhist, Ratnaguna’s understanding of the Pure Land Sutras is firmly placed within the Triratna tradition and system of practice. As the retreat draws to a close, he lists some parallels, exploring points of connection.

Great Faith, Great Wisdom - The Sevenfold Puja
To close out this week-long retreat we hear the beautiful sevenfold puja the retreatants performed together at the end. With readings from the Guan Jing and from the Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava.

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