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Vajra Bell - Autumn 2012

On Mon, 1 October, 2012 - 16:37
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Our Autumn 2012 issue of the Vajra Bell newsletter is here, with a whole host of fantastic articles and resources from our North American sangha members on Dharma topics, arts, and sangha news!

To read Vajra Bell online visit:

In this issue:

* Reinventing the Wheel – Bodhipaksa offers an alternate reading of the 12 nidanas
* Four new Order members return from Akashavanda in Spain
* Meditation Marathon a Stunning Success
* Yoga at Aryaloka – Upcoming retreats and regular classes
* Boston sangha moves to a new building, starts classes
* Living with Commitment: Cultivating Sustainability at EcoDharma Retreat Center
* Being Present with What’s On Our Plates – Megrette Fletcher on mindful eating
* Arts Evening and new exhibit – “Earth, Fire, Water”
* Heather Maloney Concert at Aryaloka
* Viradhamma Reports from the Buddhist Geeks Conference
* Two Perspectives on a Pre-ordination retreat
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