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A Stupa Emerges

On Thu, 20 March, 2014 - 13:57
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Posted by Viriyalila for The Stupa Project Kula…
I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on the stupa visualization practice since visiting with my preceptor, Karunadevi, in San Francisco last month. I remember how she taught the practice, and how fascinated I was to be engaging in such primal, simple act conjuring the elements in vibrant, colorful forms. I felt connected to the whole universe, and beyond, in ways that I have never experienced before. So grounding, and yet so expansive.

I recollected an image I saw, a painting actually, done by an order member named Visuddhimati. I got in touch with her to talk about it, and she shared how she has evolved the original painting by incorporating computer graphics. This painting embodies how I experience engaging in the stupa visualization practices, plus I really like how she integrates her personal practice into her art. She writes on her website: “I am fascinated by how energy manifests and how it is embodied. I find it essential to enter more deeply into sensed experience in an attempt to understand embodiment.” See more of Visuddhimati’s work here.

Kamalashila, a prominent meditation teacher, writes about the Stupa: “The stupa of the elements, surrounded by clear blue sky, symbolizes your entire experience and response to a world filled with many sensations of resistance, cohesiveness, temperature and movement in space.”

“If pursued, this meditation will develop real, living connections to the elements and with nature generally, helping you to live more ethically and in harmony with the earth. … It is not surprising that the stupa is held in such high honour in the East, representing as it does both the wonders of the natural world and the amazing nature of the Buddha which can be awakened in all of us.”

Learn more about the stupa practice from Kamalashila.

Let’s build a stupa together. If a hundred people gave $50 we would make a significant contribution to the expression of the Bodhisattva Ideal. Dhardo was an amazing teacher, leader and friend. Bringing this stupa into being will embody his spirit, radiating his immense kindness and compassion outwards benefiting beings everywhere. A place of worship, a place of inspiration, a place of love.

Will you help bring this dream into reality? All donation amounts, in whatever size, will be received with gratitude. Donate here through our IndieGoGo campaign, or //viriyagita [at]" rel="nofollow">contact us to learn about other ways to give. Your donations are fully tax deductible, and greatly appreciated. Making this dream come true feels timeless, and deeply significant. Thank you for your consideration and support!

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