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Sangharakshita Skype Call with Aryaloka - July 2012

On Wed, 25 July, 2012 - 23:04
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In July 2012 Bhante Sangharakshita and Aryaloka Buddhist Center, along with Triratna New York City, coordinated a live Skype event together - the first of its kind to connect Bhante directly with the North American sanghas using new technology. In the question and answer session that follows, Sangharakshita shares his thoughts on various topics chosen by sangha members. At the end, several Aryaloka community members and old friends express their deep gratitude to Bhante’s contributions. A beautiful opportunity for all, and hopefully one that will set the stage for further chances to connect.
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Congratulations! It’s great to be able to “be there” this way.
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This is so nice a way to kep people connected to their spiritual leader. I would like to arrange for TBM Centre, Amravati(MS) India. Please help me.