Aryaloka Buddhist Center

Aryaloka Celebrates Buddha Day

On Mon, 12 May, 2014 - 19:55
Rijupatha's picture
It was a truly festive evening at Aryaloka Buddhist Center during our Wesak (Buddha Day) celebration on Friday, May 9th. Amala led the night with a fantastic slideshow of images depicting the Buddha’s life, which were accompanied by storytelling and narration by several sangha members who each picked a unique episode to imaginatively bring to life. The Aryaloka sangha was fortunate to have the company of a number of students from the High Mowing school in Vermont at this event who were staying with us for a week to learn more about Buddhism and meditation, and the students quite enjoyed the tales!

Storytelling was followed by shrine room activities. First was an opportunity for Buddhanusati practice, evoking the Buddha’s qualities using the Tiratna Vandana. Finally, we closed the evening with a beautiful puja ceremony. Many thanks to Amala for leading such a special event, and to all of the individuals who contributed!
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