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Level II material - introducing Triratna's System of Practice

On Mon, 29 April, 2013 - 16:43
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Here’s some ‘level II’ material for the ‘Triratna Anywhere’ project. They are a series of eight talks by Maitreyabandhu, an experienced teacher from the London Budhdist Centre, in which he introduces Triratna’s System of Practice to a packed audience. The talks are very ‘live’, personal, slightly off-the-cuff - and brilliant…!

Taken together they cover the five stages in Triratna’s system of practice - integration, positive emotion, spiritual death, spiritual rebirth, and spiritual receptivity.

First session
Second session
Third session
Fourth session
Fifth session
Sixth session
Seventh session (This recording is a little different to the others in the series as it includes the linked activities from the first part of the evening)
Eighth session

The first talk is available directly on the embedded audio player; the rest are links to the talks on Free Buddhist Audio, where you can either listen to them or downlaod them as you choose… Enjoy! And afterwards, please do leave your comments…
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Thanks for sharing this link. I learned to meditate many years ago at the Leeds centre. I am trying to get my meditation practice going again.