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Dharma study sessions offered worldwide via Skype

On Fri, 6 December, 2013 - 21:40
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Suvarnagarbha, an Order Member based in Cambridge UK, writes offering dana-based study sessions using Skype to anyone anywhere in the world. He says -

“I am continuing to help people with the Triratna Dharma Training Course over the internet and that’s still how I make my livelihood. I’ve got more than twenty people that I’m working with and I’m thinking about starting study groups by conference call. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone inteerested in studying in this way. I’m less interested in text-based study using emails or even having shared documents that people comment on. What interests me is shared forms of study where people speak to each other in real time.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to tell me about things that might be useful to you or give me leads I could follow up to find people who are interested in similar things. I’m very grateful for your help. All the best, Suvarnagarbha”

Anyone interested is invited to contact him on suvarnagarbha [at] (subject: study%20sessions) .
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I have studied with Suvarnagarbha via Skype for at least 4 years now and I can highly recommend him! Bodhinaga
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In my fourth year of study with Suvarnagarbha I am still inspired by the depth of knowledge he expresses of the Dharma. Suvarnagarbha has an uncanny skill of balancing our Skype group of four very different people, providing just the right Dharma sutra or objective reflection to help each one of us come to a greater understanding of the study material. I feel very fortunate to study and develop with Suvarnagarbha.
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I’ve not studied with Suvarnagarbha myself but I know several people who have, and they all speak very highly of the experience. Highly recommended.
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I have been studying with Suvarnagarbha since 2011 – it’s been an amazing experience and a game changer for m practice. I highly recommend him!
Savanna - mitra in NYC