sit like a mountain – on a mountain!

On Sat, 3 May, 2014 - 15:33
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A month retreat with a two week option
19th Dec 2014 | 16th of Jan 2015

Join us (akashavana community) in the life of stillness, simplicity and contentment.

As in previous years we would like to invite Dharmacharinis to come and practise with the community. The end of the year is a good time to reflect back on the year that has been and look forward to the year which might come.. Despite what people think December/January is often a time in Spain with lovely warm days but of course there might be snow too.. Often the weather reflects what we might discover in our internal ‘weather’ system.. The silence of the snow or the contentment of the sun.. We will make sure there is enough wood to keep us warm and cozy on the mountain.

We offer a loose structure in which there will be space for communal practice as well as following your own thread. We’ll start the retreat with laying out a programme together in which everyones wishes will be reflected as much as possible. Beside practice together in the shrine room this can also include exploring the environment or doing practical tasks.

Cost: DANA

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