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On Tue, 4 February, 2014 - 20:50
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Hello from Manigarbha and I, back in community after a winter break.
We started the holiday with a trip to the Netherlands for a week of friendship and culture … it was the annual ‘International Documentary Festival’ and having been starved of culture for a while, it was just the treat we needed. That together with seeing good friends was very nourishing.

From there we went to UK, firstly to Tiratanaloka to meet with the ‘envisioners’ and do some planning together; and then to Adhisthana for the Regional Order Weekend. How good it was to have yet more nourishings … in the heart of the Order, and see so many people who had spent time with us at Akashavana. Some had shared community with us as volunteers and others had been retreatants. It was good to catch up again.

After that Manigarbha went to the Netherlands to see her family and I stayed on in UK to see mine.

So, well nourished and rested, we are back on the mountain excited about the year ahead.

The first task is to confirm the BIG project of the year … there will be fifteen women coming on the three month Ordination Retreat in April, so we are looking forward to meeting them and watching their progress and hopefully celebrating fifteen new Dharmacarini’s entrance into the Order.

The other BIG project is the building of a large water storage tank at the community which will more than double the amount of storage to what we have now .. we will also have ‘proper’ outdoor showers … no more will we stand on a slippy slope with nowhere to hang a towel let alone clothes !! It will also mean that the prospect of running out of water in the Summer may be a thing of the past. Much to our relief …..

The third BIG project we have is another full calendar of retreats for Dharmacarini’s …

Listening, Hearing, Understanding” A two week meditation retreat with Srisambhava & Vijayamala from 18th Sept to 2nd October

The more and more you listen, the more and more you hear. The more and more you hear, the deeper your understanding becomes.” - Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

In the deep silence of Akashavana, come and listen and allow Reality to reveal itself. This meditation retreat will be conducted mainly in silence to allow participants to follow their own practice threads. There will be some input at the beginning to get us started, presenting key principles that will help us to explore our direct experience in and out of meditation, with the option of further input where appropriate as the retreat progresses.There will also be shared rituals and the opportunity for one-to-one reviews with Srisambhava and Vijayamala. The cost is € 580 | €530

Mindfulness to Wisdom – a direct path to freedom”
A three week meditation retreat with Vajradevi & Prasadavati

from 11th to 31st October
Spend 3 weeks in the beauty and wildness of Akashavana investigating your mind and allowing it to flourish. Using teachings from the Satipatthana Sutta to understand pratitya samudpada, within your experience and in the world around you, we will illuminate a joyful path of awareness, right view and insight.Teaching will mainly be offered in the first two weeks of the retreat with meditation reviews and silence throughout the whole three weeks. The cost for this retreat is € 850 | €750

We also will be having a 5 Year Reunion Retreat for those Ordained here in June 2009; and a Spanish speaking retreat for women living in Spain who have asked for Ordination.

Manigarbha and I are also excited at the prospect of an additional Winter Retreat not yet publicised … WATCH THIS SPACE for news.

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