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On Mon, 23 June, 2014 - 16:06
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It’s the final countdown now to the end of the Ordination Retreat and so whilst there is a bit of space I thought I’d (Acalavajri) post a bit on our blog to let you all know whats the latest from the mountain…
In ten days time the 15 new Dharmacarini’s will be returning to their friends and families and to their new lives in the world. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve them and the amazing team who supported them throughout. Manigarbha and I could not have served them quite so well without the presence here of Samata – who has been steadfast in her care of the two of us… in both practical and spiritual ways.
I’d also like to express our thanks to Sanghajoti, who is currently with us from Dhanakosa covering for Manigarbha whilst she is onher solitary retreat. Its wonderful to have so many willing volunteers to be a part of our wider community.

We didn’t quite manage all the tasks we had set ourselves … so no pictures of our intended ‘stupa’ gateway but we did manage to build a new waste food deposit for the retreat centre … and Samata thought we could patent it as a meditation hut !!! and we did get some much needed decorating done at the community … lime wash is a bit messy – but the end result was great.

It wasn’t all work though, as well as the regular work of shopping and minor repairs and the odd ‘project’ here and there – we have had time for fun and relaxation … not just swimming at the embalse neither. This year we ventured into new realms – and went horse riding. I knew this was going to be a ‘first’ for Manigarbha but seeing her ‘practice’ with Samata wasn’t hopeful that she would manage on the living thing ! Happily, the real thing WAS much better …. we even managed a bit of a trot …

This year, Manigarbha will be celebrating her birthday alone in a yurt at Eco Dharma whilst I celebrated (a bit early) with friends in a posh hotel on the outskirts of Valderrobres … We went for ‘afternoon tea’ and guzzled some amazing cakes.
It was a lovely environment and it was another treat to wander barefoot on the lawns ….

So now we plan for the next few days in preparation for the end of the retreat and our own departure. We will bid farewell to Samata and take our leave for a couple of weeks in order to visit friends and family in our our respective homelands and taking a well earned break.
Then its back to the programme of supporting retreats here throughout the rest of the Summer and Autumn …. there are still places on all the retreats – so please do take a look at the website http://akashavana.org/ for information on all our happenings here on this beautiful mountain.

What you won’t find there yet, is news of a retreat recently confirmed …
Viveka will be leading a three week retreat here next year … from 29th July – 19th August.
We have already taken two bookings and thats just from the amazing ‘grapevine’ … so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity … contact us via the website to secure your place .

Until the next time … be well

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