What is Metta?: Blazing in the Fires of Sunyata

On Sun, 11 June, 2017 - 08:10
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The one who abides in love, and puts their faith in the teaching of the Buddha, will win through to the state of calm and blissful release.

The first presentation on the Blazing in the Fires of Sunyata retreat, held at Adhisthana in 2017, on the theme of Metta and Bodhicitta.

Saccanama evokes Metta through a variety of canonical and poetic sources, referring to the seminars which Bhante led on the Karaniya Metta Sutta, edited in Living with Kindness, as well as various suttas from the Pali Canon. He describes the crucial place of empathy and imagination in any experience of metta or compassion and takes us through the cultivation of loving-kindness as a response to ill-will, conflict, and violence - as a path to beauty, insight, and spiritual community.

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