Unfolding Sadhana

On Mon, 28 June, 2021 - 23:42
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Caroline I P

Over the last few weeks, Adhisthana has been ringing with conversations on Sadhana.

Ksantikara has been recording a series of conversations with six fellow order members, talking to each of them about their Yiddam and Sadhana practice. Every time he returned to the office after having had one of these conversations, he would be almost bouncing, his eyes sparkling.

He kept saying how good these conversations were, how much he enjoyed them, and that he was really looking forward to sharing the recordings with the order.

I interviewed Lokeshvara the same week, asking him about Sadhana Dialogue. What most struck me from that conversation was his wish for the order to talk more about Sadhana, to share their experiences, to discover deeper understandings and fresh approaches to enliven their practice.

When I think of the symbolic image of the Order, the thousand armed bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, I usually think of the outer mandala of hands, each clasping a different instrument. But this longing of Lokeshvara’s, as much as the spring in Ksantikara’s step, evokes instead the hands clasped to heart, holding the jewel of the Bodhicitta.

The order seeking to serve the order, to help each other to unlock the creative mythic potential in Sadhana practice, seems to me a precious jewel indeed.

If you would like to join others in unfolding this practice together, there is no more immediate an opportunity than on the Avalokiteshvara Sadhana retreat with Vessantara next month.

To listen to Ksantikara’s Sadhana Conversations, click here. You can see all our upcoming Sadhana retreats here.

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